About Us
At Bombay Sweets Mart, we have been making fresh Indian sweets and snacks since April 1969. It all started when we noticed that there was an absence of Indian sweets in Mauritius, thus we decided to bring the savouries to the Mauritians. Our company started its operation in Port-Louis and at that time it had a labour force of five workers and was manufacturing about fifteen varieties of sweets. Despite encountering difficulties such as lack of ingredients on the local market and low popularity of Indian sweets among Mauritians, we persevered by continuously improving on quality and investing on machinery.

The effort did not take long to bear its fruits as Mauritians started recognizing Bombay Sweets Mart as the unique sweet store in Mauritius supplying genuine fresh Indian sweets. This increased demand of sweets from our customers. Consequently we increased the labour force every year to reach over twenty workers at present. Bombay Sweets Mart now even employs cooks from India who are specialists in the preparation of Indian sweets. Presently the varieties of sweets and snacks have surpassed fifty. In the effort to come nearer to our customers, we will soon open new branches around the island.

We would like to thank all our customers for their long dated trust on Bombay Sweets Mart and we assure that you will be always provided with best quality products and service.